Impact Factor: 1.289 (2020) and 1.589 (five-year)
ISSN:1239-6095 / eISSN: 1797-2469
Impact Factor: 1.289 (2020)
ISSN:1239-6095 / eISSN: 1797-2469
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What is Boreal Environment Research?

Boreal Environment Research is a truly open access journal devoted to various aspects of the boreal environment and its natural resources.

This journal does not charge for submission or article processing fees. All papers are published online and freely accessible.

We accept manuscripts encompassing the Boreal and Arctic regions and their ecosystems.

Topics include:
  • Atmosphere and climate
  • Fisheries and aquaculture
  • Hydrobiology
  • Forests
  • Tundra
  • Wetlands
  • Physical Oceanography
  • Hydrology
  • Geology
  • Soils

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  • Survey-based assessment of recapture data for Atlantic sturgeon (Acipenser oxyrinchus) in Lithuanian fisheries
    Stakėnas S., Pilinkovskij A. & Poviliūnas J.
    2021: Boreal Env. Res. 26: 117-128. Publication date: 14 September 2021
    Abstract | PDF (open access) | Supplementary Information

  • Air pollution: a more serious health problem than COVID-19 in 2020
    Du W., Chen D., Petäjä T. & Kulmala M.
    2021: Boreal Env. Res. 26: 105-116. Publication date: 6 July 2021
    Abstract | PDF (open access) | Supplementary Information

  • Rapid effects of a fishing closure on whitefish (Coregonus maraena) in the northern Baltic Sea
    Berkström C., Florin A.-B., Fredriksson R., Lundström K. & Bergström U.
    2021: Boreal Env. Res. 26: 89-104. Publication date: 28 June 2021
    Abstract | PDF (open access) | Supplementary Information

  • Southern Baltic sea level extremes: tide gauge data, historic storms and confidence intervals
    Hieronymus M. & Hieronymus F.
    2021: Boreal Env. Res. 26: 79–87. Publication date: 31 May 2021
    Abstract | PDF (open access)

  • Application of an ice thermodynamic model to a shallow freshwater lagoon
    Idzelytė R. & Umgiesser G.
    2021: Boreal Env. Res. 26: 61–77. Publication date: 29 April 2021
    Abstract | PDF (open access)

  • On the mode-segregated aerosol particle number concentration load: contributions of primary and secondary particles in Hyytiälä and Nanjing.
    Markku Kulmala, Krista Luoma, Aki Virkkula, Tuukka Petäjä, Pauli Paasonen, Veli-Matti Kerminen, Wei Nie, Ximeng Qi, Yicheng Shen, Xuguang Chi, Aijun Ding
    2016: Boreal Env. Res. 21: 319–331.

  • The role of landscape, topography, and geodiversity in explaining vascular plant species richness in a fragmented landscape
    Aleksi Räsänen, Markku Kuitunen, Jan Hjort, Asta Vaso, Tuomo Kuitunen, Anssi Lensu
    2016: Boreal Env. Res. 21: 53–70.

  • On the accuracy of ion measurements using a Neutral cluster and Air Ion Spectrometer
    Robert Wagner, Hanna E. Manninen, Alessandro Franchin, Katrianne Lehtipalo, Sander Mirme, Gerhard Steiner, Tuukka Petäjä, Markku Kulmala
    2016: Boreal Env. Res. 21: 230-241

  • Hypolimnetic aeration intensifies phosphorus recycling and increases organic material sedimentation in a stratifying lake: Effects through increased temperature and turbulence
    Juha Petteri Niemistö, Riia Margit Petrina Köngäs, Laura Hannele Härkönen, Jukka Antero Horppila
    2016: Boreal Env. Res. 21: 571-587

  • Production of highly oxidized organic compounds from ozonolysis of beta-caryophyllene: laboratory and field measurements
    Tuija Jokinen, Oskari Kausiala, Olga Garmash, Otso Peräkylä, Heikki Junninen, Siegfried Schobesberger, Yan Chao, Mikko Sipilä, Matti P. Rissanen
    2016: Boreal Env. Res. 21: 262-273
  • Formation and growth of fresh atmospheric aerosols: eight years of aerosol size distribution data from SMEAR II, Hyytiälä, Finland.
    Miikka Dal Maso, Markku Kulmala, Ilona Riipinen, Robert Wagner, Tareq Hussein, Pasi P. Aalto, Kari E. J. Lehtinen
    2005: Boreal Env. Res. 10: 323–336.

  • Station for Measuring Ecosystem–Atmosphere Relations (SMEAR II).
    Pertti Hari, Markku Kulmala
    2005: Boreal Env. Res. 10: 315–322.

  • Climate change projections for Finland during the 21st century.
    Kirsti Jylhä, Heikki Tuomenvirta, Kimmo Ruosteenoja
    2004: Boreal Env. Res. 9: 127–152.

  • The physical oceanography of the Gulf of Finland: a review.
    Pekka Alenius, Kai Myrberg, Alexei Nekrasov
    1998. Boreal Env. Res. 3(2): 97–125.

  • Annual and size dependent variation of growth rates and ion concentrations in boreal forest.
    Anne Hirsikko, Lauri Laakso, Urmas Hörrak, Pasi P. Aalto, Veli-Matti Kerminen, Markku Kulmala
    2005: Boreal Env. Res. 10: 357–369.

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