Impact Factor: 1.2 (2022) and 1.295 (five-year)
ISSN: 1239-6095 / eISSN: 1797-2469
Impact Factor: 1.2 (2022)
ISSN: 1239-6095 / eISSN: 1797-2469
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Journal Overview

Boreal Environment Research is a truly open access, multi-disciplinary journal devoted to various aspects of the Boreal and Arctic regions and their ecosystems.

The journal offers rapid publication of high quality, original research. From a methodological point of view, manuscripts dealing with atmospheric or ecosystem monitoring and modelling should focus on boreal environments; and may include polar, Arctic and hemi-boreal regions.

Manuscripts dealing with theoretical concepts, field or laboratory experiments related to the below-mentioned topics are welcome.

Topics include:
  • Atmosphere and climate
  • Fisheries and aquaculture
  • Hydrobiology
  • Forests
  • Tundra
  • Wetlands
  • Physical Oceanography
  • Hydrology
  • Geology
  • Soils

This journal does not charge for manuscript submission or processing fees. All manuscripts are published online and freely accessible.

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  • Impacts of Reindeer on Soil Carbon Storage in the Seasonally Frozen Ground of Northern Finland: A Pilot Study
    Torben Windirsch, Bruce C. Forbes, Guido Grosse, Juliane Wolter, Sari Stark, Claire Treat, Mathias Ulrich, Matthias Fuchs, Johan Olofsson, Timo Kumpula, Marc Macias-Fauria & Jens Strauss
    2023: Boreal Env. Res. 28: 207-226. Publication date: 29 September 2023
    Abstract | PDF (open access) | Supplementary Information

  • Resolving species-specific abundances of three cold-water dinoflagellates using a simple staining technique
    Tobias Lipsewers
    2023: Boreal Env. Res. 28: 195-206. Publication date: 30 Aug 2023
    Abstract | PDF (open access)

  • The diet of Eurasian perch larvae in lakes with different zooplankton assemblages
    Priit Zingel, Helen Agasild, Matiss Zagars, Tõnu Feldmann, Arvo Tuvikene, Tiina Zingel, Linda Puncule & Katrit Karus
    2023: Boreal Env. Res. 28: 181-193. Publication date: 25 August 2023
    Abstract | PDF (open access)

  • Trends in thermal growing season length from years 1955–2020 — A case study in hemiboreal forest in Estonia
    Joonas Kollo, Sandra Metslaid, Allar Padari, Maris Hordo, Ahto Kangur & Steffen M. Noe
    2023: Boreal Env. Res. 28: 169-180. Publication date: 11 August 2023
    Abstract | PDF (open access) | Supplementary Information

  • New particle formation in boreal forests of Siberia, Finland and Estonia
    Anastasiia Lampilahti, Olga Garmash, Mikhail Arshinov, Denis Davydov, Boris Belan, Steffen Noe, Marko Vana, Kaupo Komsaare, Heikki Junninen, Federico Bianchi, Janne Lampilahti, Lubna Dada, Veli-Matti Kerminen, Tuukka Petäjä, Markku Kulmala & Ekaterina Ezhova
    2023: Boreal Env. Res. 28: 147-167. Publication date: 5 July 2023
    Abstract | PDF (open access) | Supplementary Information

  • Concentration variation of gaseous and particulate pollutants in the Helsinki city centre - observations from a two-year campaign from 2013-2015.
    Teinilä K., Aurela M., Niemi J., Kousa A., Petäjä T., Järvi L., Hillamo R., Kangas L., Saarikoski S. & Timonen H.
    2019: Boreal Env. Res. 24: 115-136.
    Abstract | PDF (open access)

  • Size-dependent diet composition and feeding of Eurasian perch (Perca fluviatilis) and northern pike (Esox lucius) in the Baltic Sea
    Jacobson P., Bergström U. & Eklöf J.
    2019: Boreal Env. Res. 24: 137–153.
    Abstract | PDF (open access)

  • Time-resolved characterization of biotic stress emissions from Scots pines being fed upon by pine weevil by means of PTR-ToF-MS
    Kari E., Faiola C., Isokääntä S., Miettinen P., Yli-Pirilä P., Buchholz A., Kivimäenpää M., Mikkonen S., Holopainen J. & Virtanen A.
    2019: Boreal Env. Res. 24: 24-49
    Abstract | PDF (open access)

  • A descriptive analysis of the linkage between the vertical stratification and current oscillations in the Gulf of Finland
    Suhhova I., Liblik T., Lilover M.-J. & Lips, U.
    2018: Boreal Env. Res. 23: 83-103
    Abstract | PDF (open access)

  • CarbonSink plus - Accounting for multiple climate feedbacks from forests
    Kulmala M., Ezhova E., Kalliokoski T., Noe S., Vesala T., Lohila A., Liski J., Makkonen R., Bäck J., Petäjä T. & Kerminen, V.-M.
    2020: Boreal Env. Res. 25: 145-159
    Abstract | PDF (open access)

  • Formation and growth of fresh atmospheric aerosols: eight years of aerosol size distribution data from SMEAR II, Hyytiälä, Finland.
    Miikka Dal Maso, Markku Kulmala, Ilona Riipinen, Robert Wagner, Tareq Hussein, Pasi P. Aalto, Kari E. J. Lehtinen
    2005: Boreal Env. Res. 10: 323–336.

  • Station for Measuring Ecosystem–Atmosphere Relations (SMEAR II).
    Pertti Hari, Markku Kulmala
    2005: Boreal Env. Res. 10: 315–322.

  • Climate change projections for Finland during the 21st century.
    Kirsti Jylhä, Heikki Tuomenvirta, Kimmo Ruosteenoja
    2004: Boreal Env. Res. 9: 127–152.

  • The physical oceanography of the Gulf of Finland: a review.
    Pekka Alenius, Kai Myrberg, Alexei Nekrasov
    1998. Boreal Env. Res. 3(2): 97–125.

  • Annual and size dependent variation of growth rates and ion concentrations in boreal forest.
    Anne Hirsikko, Lauri Laakso, Urmas Hörrak, Pasi P. Aalto, Veli-Matti Kerminen, Markku Kulmala
    2005: Boreal Env. Res. 10: 357–369.