vol. 23, 2018 (online only)
vol. 22, 2017 (online only)

Impact Factors 2017: 1.256 (two-year) and 1.421 (five-year)

Boreal Environment Research is a truly open-access journal in which articles are published (online) at no cost to authors. Published articles (PDF format) can be deposited in institutional archives or repositories.

The journal publishes original, previously unpublished research reports, reviews and commentaries on various aspects of the boreal environment and its natural resources, in particular: environmental problems, their assessment, understanding and solving, as well as the sustainable use of natural resources. Boreal is interpreted in a wide sense, i.e. including northern polar, subpolar and hemiboreal conditions, biomes or ecosystems. The journal is a forum for emphasizing a holistic approach in environmental sciences, linking pressures via sources of pollution to the impacts on the environment through the processes occurring in various media. Articles dealing with monitoring, experimental, theoretical and modelling studies as well as their combinations are all welcome.

The journal also publishes special (theme) issues which are collections of papers sharing e.g., a common research subject or location where the research was carried out. For conditions, charges and to download the Special-Issue proposal form click this link.

Published papers are available here free of charge.

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